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Antipolo is rich in natural attractions. Its natural landform and existing vegetative covers makes for very exciting scenic spots. Most of these natural attractions are in the higher evaluations of eastern and northern Antipolo, where the necessary infrastructure for tourism are not in place yet. With the highlands of Antipolo, we can expect that we cannot find beaches around, however, with the Resort Business flourishing as early as the 60’s, people from other places have well appreciated this beautiful resorts and relaxing places which supplements the deteriorating condition of the famous Hinulugang Taktak, which was made a National park in the 80’s. Most of the existing tourist sites in Antipolo are located in the west, which is closer to the metropolis and where land elevations are generally lower. Tour Packages of the special interest sites can be facilitated by the Antipolo Tourism Council, the Antipolo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. and selected resorts and hotels.


Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Located at the Town Proper of Antipolo, the home of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (Nuestra Senora De la Paz Y Buen Viaje). Historians say that this miraculous icon has sailed back and forth between Manila and Acapulco eight times and on several occasions was credited with saving her galleon form destruction by pirates and Dutch and British blockades. The galleon's safe arrivals were attributed to the miraculous powers of the statuette. It was on November 26, 1626 that Archbishop of Manila, Michael O' Doherty. The month of May is a fiesta in Antipolo were thousands of devotees especially those intending to travel abroad come to pay homage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Voyage to ask for a safe voyage.

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Via Dolorosa

Pinagmisahan - Via Dolorosa. On the highest peak along Kaytikling Road, the White Cross of Pinagmisahan Hills majestically stands calling pilgrims to relive the saving grace of a procession and Holy Mass with the miraculous icon of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage to protect them from the deadly Cholera plague that took lives of many residents at the foot of its hills and surrounding towns. Today, to reach the White Cross, one will go through life-sized images of the stations-of-the-cross - to contemplate passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. A popular destination during Lent.

Boso-Boso Church Boso-Boso Church

Boso-Boso Church. Located at Sitio Boso-Boso, the Boso-Boso church is a remnant of a centuries old church, which was destroyed during the Second World War. It stands in the grandeur of old stone with wild vines and plants growing on top of the church. A small chapel was built inside the ruins offering Sunday services to the parishioners.

Hinulugang Taktak Hinulugang Taktak

Hinulugang Taktak. The Hinulugang Taktak, located at Taktak Road, Brgy. Dela Paz, falls is a part of Antipolo's natural and cultural heritage. Its legendary origin dates back to the 15 th century when legend has it that the waterfalls was where the townsfolk threw the large bell that caused undue disturbance whenever it was rung at Angelus. Its sound was so loud that the people could not endure it. They demanded that the local priest get rid of the bell. Thus "Hinulugang Taktak", meaning the place where the bell was dropped. The place has since become a favorite spots for visitors and clients. The park is an alluring view of natural formation. After soul cleansing at the renowned Antipolo's Lady of Peace Shrine, the park offers physical and spiritual cleansing for pilgrims. The energetic sparks of water bubbling and doubling over as it cascades down the cliff guarantees to revive flagging spirits. The waterfalls of Hinulugang Taktak are famed for this energetic lift. Tourists can plan on a full day picnic with the convenience and comforts of cottages, common barbeque pits, clean public toilets and super-sized pools.

Mystical Caves Mystical Caves

Mystical Caves. Located at Puting Bato, Brgy. San Luis (with 205 steps to reach the opening, with natural rock formations- stalactites and stalagmites of religious icons such as Trinity, Calvary, Holy Spirit, Bell and Madonna and Child) Stalagmites and stalactites taking in shapes and faces of religious icons give one a sense of mysticism in the caverns of the Mystical Caves.

Humaka Park Humaka Park

Humaka Park. Located at P. Oliveros St., it depicts the old way of transportation of Antipoleños.It is traveling by walking and carrying the ladies or their leaders using the hamaka or hammock. Tourist will find it worthwhile to momentarily stop at the Hamaka park for a tableau on visitors of the city during its early days. Rich and poor, healthy and ill, young and old, on foot or ferried on hammocks carried on the shoulders of strong young men, visitors come to fervently complete a pilgrim to the Nuestra Senora dela Paz Y Buen Viaje bringing with them the hope for answered prayers.

Butterfly Garden Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden. The PACEM Ecology Park boasts of its unique garden hosting live butterflies. The flittering of the flies as they unabashedly settle on heads, arms, shoulders will definitely thrill young visitors. The Park also features a mini zoo, herbal garden, and museum of seashells, butterflies and moth collected from all over the world.