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Sumakah Festival. A newly created festival celebrated every 1st of May, depicting the major products of the City, SUman, MAngga, KAsuy and the old means of transportation going up to the highlands of Antipolo, i.e. the Hamaka (hammock or duyan). But this is not limited to these products but the entire industry and the colorful cultural and historical heritage of the City. It is celebrated with different programs and activities such as Street Dancing Competitions, cultural presentations, arts and culinary exhibits as well as agro-industrial and tourism fair.

Former Mayor Angelito C. Gatlabayan had unveiled the SUMAKAH Festival in 2002 - an acronym for Suman, Mangga, Kasuy at Hamaka - to make Antipolo City a must-see destination for May, the fiesta month. Adopting "Tayo na sa Antipolo" as its official slogan, Gatlabayan's SUMAKAH Festival seeks to familiarize tourist with all the fine facets of the city. The SUMAKAH Festival begins with an "Alay Lakad" pledge walkathon, more accurately billed as a "Penitential Walk for Peace". In the morning of April 30, the Virgin of Antipolo will be brought to Quiapo Cathedral from Antipolo via motorcade. In the early dawn of May 1, the Virgin will then be fetched by the participants of the walkathon consisting mostly of devotees of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage and Black Nazarene from Quiapo Cathedral back to Antipolo City. Street dancing activities will then follow with different sectors of the society donning their SUMAKAH costumes to the tune of "Tayo na sa Antipolo". The program is hosted by the city government every May 1, and other events will follow such as Santacruzan, SUMAKAH competition and other activities in relation with the event.
City Fiesta Coronation night of Bb. Antipolo

City Fiesta. Celebrated on December 6-8 of every year in honour of the City's patroness the Blessed Virgin Immaculate Conception. Traditionally, the celebration is confined within the four (4) Barangays in the Poblacion the Barangays Uno- San Roque, Dos- San Jose, Tres- San Isidro, and Quatro- Dela Paz. This is celebrated with Palarong Bayan on the 5 th with other activities such as cycling competitions, 4-wheel drive contest, A Drum and Lyre Competition on the 6 th , On the 7 th A Grand Parade featuring the four (4) bands representing the 4 barangays and on the evening these Brass Bands will compete at the City Plaza (Serenata ng mga Banda or popularly known as Sertamin) which will run up to midnight.

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Pabasa. Celebrated in Antipolo every Saturday before Palm Sunday. This is a Holy Week practice, which includes religious singing and the re-enactment of the passion of Christ.

Unang Prusisyon. Celebrated on the 1st Tuesday of May. This morning procession is a commemoration of the First Mass at Pinagmisahan Hills (Via Dolorosa or White Cross). After the mass, they will return to the church and another procession in the afternoon is scheduled and this is held in front of hundreds of children with palakpak (bamboo stick producing sound giving signal to the community that the procession is coming to their area.)

Pista ng Kagubatan. Celebrated September 15 of every year marked by a massive tree planting program and other related activities such as concerts and contests with themes like preservations of forests and conservation of the environment. Usually participated by the City Government employees, NGO's, Academe, Private and Public Schools, Barangays and People Organizations especially those concerned with the environment and forests preservations.

Katapusang Prusisyon. Celebrated on the 1st Tuesday of July to culminate the Maytime Festival. This is marked by the last procession at 6:00 pm after the 5:00 pm mass at the Cathedral. (The first procession is held on the 1st Tuesday of May, which is from the Cathedral at 6:00 am to Pinagmisahan Hill for a mass and back to the Cathedral). A Roadshow Presentation is usually held after the procession with colorful fireworks display.

Tourism Week. Celebrated on the third week of September in conformity with the Tourism Month celebration of the Department of Tourism. This is marked with Tourism related activities such as Photo and Art Exhibit, Tourism Forum, Tourism Quiz Bee, Food Festival and On the Spot Painting and Poster Making Contests.

Sumulong Day. Celebrated every December 27th in honour of Don Juan Sumulong one of the most illustrious son of Antipolo who earned national recognition and reputation for his ability and accomplishments in his social and political career. He became Senator and known as the Brain of the Opposition. The celebration is marked with a simple program and Wreath Laying Ceremony at Don Juan Sumulong's monument at the Sumulong Park.

Rizal Day. Celebrated on December 30, in commemoration of the heroic martyrdom of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. Marked with a Wreath Laying Ceremony at his monument in front of the City Hall.